I’m a very spiritual person. I strongly believe in karma, and I believe that you get what you deserve.
But I sometimes think that is our soul who is within us, is thinking the same or its different.
What if our soul has different prospectives or different desire,
Is it possible??
I don’t know whether it’s possible or not but I believe that we all are
Dual personality.
Like we always say listen to your heart or in other words, “If you are confused between your mind and heart, always go with your heart. It’s in the left but it’s always right.”
In same way if someone is really wanna do something nice and his /her soul is stopping him /her, then what, will he/she get affected??
What if there is a real REFLACTION of a soul,
Who constantly dominating us?
Well I don’t know…. But definitely it’s a good thought though.
In the next post, I’m definitely gonna write…. About my soul!!!! 
Till then….. Have a wonderful day ahead…
Keep smiling and spread the cheer.
Stay tuned….
Shilpa Sharad
Freelance writer and blogger

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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