Sometimes in life we want to say so many things to people but we can not.
It is not because we can’t but because sometimes we think about someone else’s feeling,
And we never want to hurt that.
Even this is happen with me all the time and the best way is to deal with it, Art
Yes, you heard it right Art.
Art is a best way to express yourself, you can paint, you can sing, you can write,
Basically you can do whatever you want to do and feel good within.
I have so many, of course Writing is the most precious passion for me
But other than that I love painting, drawing, rangoli.
Through all this you can say some extraordinary UNSPOKEN TRUTH.
Which you wanted to speak out but couldn’t.
Art give us the power,, the strength, the motivation of expressing ourselves without hesitation.
Choose something, choose whatever you like to do.
And you will never be alone.
Because when you indulge yourself in Art and you are so into that,
You find you are more confident, more outspoken, more extrovert.
Because you know yourself.
You understand yourself,
And you are so happy because now you know the…….

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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