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Every Morning, I wake up, and I think…… What does he do?
Well, I’m talking about my mysterious, creepy, fishy, unstable NEIGHBOUR.

You might be thinking so many adjectives for a single person,
Yes, because he is one of those who never want to be a part of a social life.
Nothing is wrong being anti social but,
He has something which he doesn’t want anyone to know.
One night, I was coming from my friends place.
It was complete dark outside. Dogs were barking on the road. It was a windy night.
I came out from the car, my friends gone after dropping me…. They insisted, let us drop you till your lane,,,,
But I said, no it’s fine…. I’ll be ok…
And that was a mistake.
I saw that night my neighbour, he is coming out of his house with a big, big very Beg.
I knew that time, something is wrong..
I wanted to go and ask, what it is?
But honestly, I was scared.
That man was creepy….. I go behind the tree near by my house,
And I was looking at him, what does he doing…
He put that beg aside.
He went inside for like 2 minutes, and he came,
With big big knife…
Oh my lord… What he is going to do?
And I was unable to see properly, because it was too dark… And I was quite far.
I was even not wearing my glasses…
Yes I do wear glasses, though I don’t tell much people about it.
But hey….. He is going,…. Wait…. Where is that beg..? 
I was thinking in my mind… And suddenly… I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder…
Holy cow……
Who is that?
Can you guess??????
For further I’ll be coming soon……
Thank you for reading this.
Love you all…

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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