Trinnnnnnn Trinnnnnnn……..
I was pushing on the bell on Lisa’s house, again and again…. It’s been 10 minutes, I was standing outside and ringing that fucking bell,..
Oh thank God… That was Lisa from her leaving room, her beautiful, big, luxurious, extra comfortable leaving room.
Lisa has been lucky actually I should say very lucky from her childhood….. I was actually jealous of her,.
I wanted that all what Lisa has.
I forgot to tell her that I was come down to her place….. Fuck..
Anyway… She is nice, she won’t mind…
All this I was thinking in my mind… Standing outside the door.
And the door opens….
Oh almighty….. Help me!!!!!
What you doing here?????
Whoa…. So predictable….
I knew this is gonna happen, because I didn’t tell her what’s going on in my freaky, mind.
Hi Lisa….
I said with my pure, straight, and not stumbled voice….. With a beautiful smile on my face, and her earnings which she gifted me to make her feel good.
Hi Romy…. (my name)
I’m so sorry Lisa, I came to your home without information, you must be busy but it’s kinda urgent.
Hi hope you understand, I said with very low, very deep, very friendly voice so she can’t reject.
Ok, come in.
She is not so bed.
I was thinking in mind all the stuffs which I’m gonna tell her, and how will she react on that….. Will she be agreed to come with me to find out about that freaky man????
You should listen to your parents sometimes. They can’t be wrong all the time. Why do you want to find out about someone you barely know???????
Holy cow… My mother…. Whoa…
She told Lisa before hand. She told her each and everything, and Lisa must be thinking, oooo poor girl.. No one listen to her, no one believe in her stories…
I hate this girl….
There was fire blowing up in my heart, I was like a volcano to blow up….. But at that time I was like tsunami…… ‘s quietness (before tsunami comes).
Lisa, what did my mom told you?
Lisa was in complete mood to make me feel horrible, terrible, so so awful by her stupid, illiterate, nonsense talks but hey…
I’ll come with you!!!!!!!
Did I hear it right from my own ears???
Why I’m so compulsive, why I do think negative catastrophically, why I’m so much in hurry alway…
Lisa was ready to help me…. I’ll make things clear….
I’m so sorry Lisa, for my behaviour and thank you so very much for helping me in this.
What is the plan????? Lisa asked me about my plan!!!!  Honestly I don’t have one!!!!!!
We will go to my place, there is a cave kinda place where we can hide… And follow the latest man afterwards.
What a bullshit plan… Lisa must be thinking but as she is my best friend, she would never say anything.
Okay…. I’m ready!!!  Will do it!!!!! Let’s find out your mysterious neighbour.
It was 11:55 pm.. Me and Lisa was waiting down the tree inside the cave, for that man.
It was very creepy night.. Complete dark, dogs were barking…. I could feel some Bats on the tree..!!!!
There you go, it was him…
Lisa, look the man with the hoody…
Lisa suddenly got concious as she were in sleep kinda as she thought I’m lying and there is no man like that…
But when she saw……
She was having all Goosebumps on her body, she started sweating….. Feeling so weird…. With blank expressions on her face.

What’s wrong????
I shouted at her almost after 10 minutes….. I was so pissed off..
Tell me Lisa, what the fuck???
He is my ex – bf from Florida who killed her parents and was running here and there different cities…. Now he came to India so no one will ever know….
The beg with him is for all the weapons he carries with him.
Oh my lord!!!!!!
We call the police then and there and waited for police to come and arrest him….
Police came, we all waited him to come, and when he came, it was a body with all blood and in the pieces…
Later, we all in the town come to know, that he was psycho who ran away from home after killing his parents.
And now was searching for new adventure…..
This is it…. Thank you everyone…
Hope you would like it….. Feedbacks are welcome..
Shilpa Sharad
Freelance writer and blogger…

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