Hello Everyone,
I have finished my story’s first part, now here is the part 2,
I suddenly felt someone’s hand on my shoulder,
OH my god,
My heart was pounding, I was shivering, I pulled it together and
Turned around and I saw
It’s my father.
Yes you heard me right, it’s my father.
My father asked me with suspicious face, what are you doing here?
Dad, did you see that man, our neighbour,?
He was coming out of his house with a big, very big beg.
My father, with some weird expressions – so???
Dad, I think something is really really fishy, I said with full confident voice.
Oh ‘ Please give him a break, stop reading those Mystery books.
That’s driving you crazy. There is no one out there,
Whom you talking about…… My dad said this with having an idea in the mind,
My daughter has gone mad.
But dad, I said with a high tone,
But nothing worked out, he said,
OK look, where is that man? See by yourself.
I was scared, I was sweating, I was shivering, but when I got up from the back of that tree to saw that man…
What???? Where is he???
Dad he was right there, I saw him.
Dad said, ok ok let’s just calm down, let’s go home.
While dinner no body talked about that incident, because they were thinking, that’s all in my mind.
And I am just tearing up some poor, innocent guy.
But that’s not true, I know there is something,
I’m gonna find out. Tomorrow I’ll follow him…
But hey, how will I, he left home after 12 in the night.
I’ll figure it out sometime. All I was making my illusions in my mind…
Let’s see tomorrow, what happens.
, Good morning mom, good morning dad, I said with a big smile on my face,
Because there was something in my mind which I was thinking whole night.
Mom, can I go to Lisa’s place tonight, we have to study,.
Please… I literally begged… To my mom for this.
Ok, but be safe, yes yes yes… My mom said yes….
Now I will find out what’s there in the beg and what is up with MY MYSTERIOUS NEIGHBOUR…..
Wait for the third part guys….
Please give your reviews.
Shilpa Sharad
Freelance writer and blogger

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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