Does your work need your face for recognition???


I have been asked many times that why don’t I upload my pictures on social networking sites?  Or
Why I hide my identity? Or  why I put Any scenery instead of my face?
Well, I want to ask to all that people who have been asking me such questions all this time. 
Does your work need your face for recognition?
For example :-  If I go to some exhibition and I see a beautiful breath taking mesmerizing painting, so what would be my first reaction?  My first reaction would be ” Wow.. What an amazing painting…. Beautifully done… Great work.”  Then probably after my reaction or something I would be thinking about the painter.
For another example :- If I go to some book store and I really like one book because of the catchy title of the book and after reading it, I like the book more because of the story line, characters, subjects etc.
Later may be I will think about the writer.
In my both example I said that later on I would think about the writer or painter but I did not say that I would think about his /her face.
Because, while reading any book my whole concentration is in the book….. And in the painting while seeing any of the painting.
When we do our work rightly and with all our heart and soul, I don’t think that we need our face to sell our work or for any recognition.
Your work say it all… Also you have your name on it.
Same with some social sites. Who so ever know me personally they don’t need to see my for recognition and those who don’t know me, then don’t need to know anyway.
I want to be recognised by my work not just by my face.
People should talk about your work…. How good you are in it.
I’m a writer, and I really don’t think that for reading my blog, my articles, my book you need to see my face first but you need to see,
A good title, good story, good writing…. Catchy cover….. It may be my face( if I want only to be on the cover) or any beautiful unique designed cover which can complement the title of the book or blog or article.
Now a days because this social media all need to or want to market themselves.
I don’t say it’s wrong but you have to sell, your work not yourself.
However this is important in some cases like models, actors, because for them there faces are there fortune.
But other than that I don’t personally feel that for recognition you need your face but good work.
However this is my point of view and it’s just a Philosophy not some sort of Science.
We talk about God, Saints…
But know body actually know how did they look…… We believe only… And we believe what we heard from our ancestors…..
There is no proper proof or actual photographs….
Swami vivekananda, Ramkrishna Paramahansa, And many more have done tremendous woke for humanity, for mankind and we love them, respect them and know them because of there work……
Lord Shiva, Jesus, Allah…
But we know them because of there work, because of there work they got glory…. Because of the glory we all know them.

Thank you all.
Shilpa Sharad
Freelance writer and blogger
Love you all

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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