Improving yourself is a key to success

“Give So Much Time To Improve Yourself That You Have No Time To Criticise Others…..
Arguing with stupid people is like killing the Mosquito on your cheek……You might or might not kill it, but you’ll end up  slapping yourself.
We always see fault in others but never take out faults from ourselves first. Thinking superior is good, it’s not bad but thinking others inferior is not the way. Life has so much to love about… So much to learn… So much to receive oily if we are willing to do that, are we???
When we look into our life we found so much of pain, stress, hateful purpose… But what we give to others in return,  same behaviour… Well most of the time…
Even if we are not happy or satisfied but we try to give positivity to others, our life will be full of joy automatically.
It’s a energy… Which always running around us and what we think we receive…..
Be positive…. Be happy… Love laugh live……

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


6 thoughts on “Improving yourself is a key to success

  1. I didn’t happen to understand the underlying meaning in your words. Do you advocate a change in us or in others? You start with tagging some as stupid and thereby, suggest to not indulge in arguments with such. While latter, you advise us to be calm and be good to everybody else. Isn’t it contrary?

    What entices me more is the title! How can reciprocating the energy of life make us to assume success?

    I don’t mean to disrupt your thought process but I fail to see the continuity in maturing of thought.


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