Good  morning  everyone :-
Don’t let people pull you into their Strom . pull them into your peace. Peace is something you have to create, from within….. And when you truly find it in yourself, Nothing can distract you without your concern. You become still…… Do Not ever think that doing nothing and being still is the same because it’s not the same… When you become still, you get the power of control your mind, body and soul, according to your concern… You are not dependent on anybody else. Which is very important.
Now a days people get irritated, very soon, they get hyper… They get angry… But why????  Do you know?? 
It is because we don’t look within.. We don’t look into ourselves… We don’t try to be positive but always try to find out negativity and faults in others.
If we try to make ourselves positive… We will see everything is so phenomenal around us.
We will see the real beauty of nature because beauty is not what you see but what you feel.
Keep saying to yourself.. I’m positive.. I am enthusiastic.. I’m energetic.. The way you think, the way you feel, the way you speak.. You become.
It can be positive or negative, anything.
If it’s a positive, it’ll be fantastic for your own being but if it’s negative, it’ll be harmful for you as well as for the society your living in.
You should not get affected with what is happening around you… You should get affected with whatever is happening within you.
So you can change that.. You can make it better, and give positivity to others.
No one want to be with someone who is always depressed… Because in someone’s else life already so much of depression going on so you have to be someone who can cheer them up by your thoughts, your deeds, your words.
Always be positive, optimistic,.
Keep smiling and spread the cheer 🙂
Shilpa Sharad
Freelance writer/ Blogger

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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