“Story of life “

Invincible Soul


As a human we have so many emotions…. So many moods… So many nature in one just one body, in Just one soul. It’s very surprising for me to see one person with so many different moods sometimes in a day. It’s extraordinary.. And this nature of a human always strike me to know more about it.
I love knowing about different moods, different thoughts, different level of thinking in one person according to situation he /she surrounds with.. It’s always give me pleasure of knowing the mankind.
I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore once in a train and I got lower birth and in the middle birth there was a girl name Ritu.
She was very pretty, very beautiful.. Big hazel eyes… Round face… Beautiful smile and extremely polite with her tone.
She was around 25 or so….. I was looking at as she was busy managing her…

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