What is happiness :- Happiness, gladness or joy is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources.
It’s been almost a year I haven’t seen my brother and sister in law… They live in Delhi, and I work in Pune. When we are kid we always cherish small small things or small happiness in our life, we never think that how ridiculous this is but all we think that how beautiful it is which is absolutely so adorable.
But when we grow up, we forget to do things like that… We forget to things which make us happy
We think about all the possible excuses like… We don’t have time… What will society say….. What will our friends, family say but somewhere in our heart we really wanna do it… We all wanna be happy.
My brother and my Sister in law was travelling from Delhi to indore… Via gwalior…. I wanted to meet them but I didn’t say because as we grow up lots of things we have in our mind, we don’t say… We think that it wouldn’t make any sense… It’s so small and stuff like that but……
These small things, these small happiness can change your day… Can change your perspective, your life…..
This morning also I got up and I was reading news paper….. Tomorrow I have exam so I was very tensed… I was thinking about my exam… About all possible stressful things….. Which we tend to do….
Suddenly my mother said today they (my brother and sister in law) are going via gwalior…. I wanted to meet…. I suddenly looked at her because it was 7:30 AM and train’s timing was 9 am to reach gwalior… I thought she is not serious but then I saw her face… She was missing my brother, her son so badly and I was missing him too indeed.
Let’s go…..
I said, she was shocked… Really, can we??  She asked with so peaceful and beautiful smile on her face… I said why not, let’s go… Let’s just leave by 8:15 am… She was like so excited and very happy.. I told her I’m going for shower and you too get ready and will leave by 8:15 sharp.
I went for shower.. She was preparing some stuff to eat for my brother and we both were ready by 8 am.
We left home… I was driving so fast as I had to take platform ticket also for both of us…. Even if there is no checking but it’s our duty to fulfil our responsibility…
Ufffff this time also so much traffic… I was getting pissed off but I tried to be calm and poised…. As mom was with me… Somehow sharp 8:45 am we reached to the station… I parked my car.. And ran into the ticket counter to get the tickets for both of us.
I got the tickets it was 8:55 am by that time. We went inside the station… We inquired about the train.. It was about to come on platform number 1.
We sat there and started waiting they announced that train shatabdi express is about to come on platform number 1.. Me and my mother we both were so excited to see them to meet them…. We saw train coming and we run to there coach C14….
Train stopped and I was searching for my brother and there he is…..
Aww it’s a beautiful feeling to see… to meet… to spend maybe just 5 minutes with your loved ones, with your family but it’s worth every second.
We hugged each other… We click pictures, Mom gave them what she has prepared for them so they eat home made food..
Nothing in this world can beat family love…. Absolutely awesome experience as we haven’t seen each other since a year….
Train signaled and they got into train again…. We wave our hands to each other… We wished them happy and safe journey…. And we also walked with the train as you don’t ever wanna leave your loved once… Finally train speed up…. And that’s all….
The happiness, the peace, the love all the feelings in our heart… I’m happy so relaxed, so happy, so peaceful… And so my mother…. And I’m sure my brother and sister in law too must be feeling the same…
Today I have realized that whatever you want to do in your life which make you happy… And make other person happy too… Just go for it.. Don’t say but…. Go for it…. It will be worth doing….
Because when you see that just because of your small effort someone is really happy, someone feels special… It is the best feeling in the whole world….
You’re entire day will be beautiful, happy, Divine….
We reached home and discuss with my father.. Told him everything… Now again back to study as I have exam tomorrow but….
This feeling has changed my day….. I am happy… I am peaceful…. I am poised…

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  1. Since when, did you start driving?

    Anyways, I stumbled upon this article of yours after painstakingly browsing through some of your earlier posts; not because they weren’t good (yea, some were not good at all) but because, all of them defeated the purpose of existence of your blog. This blog is named after you, yet only seldom do readers get to know your point of view on events in and around your life. Certainly, you are not a preacher to your readers and posts on meditation, yoga and banal stories (lady and her thimbles and god) do not exemplify anything but the lost and wildly struck in middle of no-where state of mind of you, as a writer on a blog named after you.

    The last article, where I did comment, was a sign of recovery and you very cunningly posed yourself in one of your characters. That left your readers grasping for more but last few days have been a let down. Start from the beginning, if you have to, but build this on yourself. It is you, who is in focus here and not mediocrities of modern worldly affairs.

    Lastly, try to use complete sentences while writing your posts. These are written pieces of work and not conversations, where you can live with incomplete sentences, phrases and multiple “….” as either terminators or connectors of your paragraphs and it’s constituents.


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