Festive Season


So, the festival has gone as suddenly as it had arrived. In the distance, you can still hear the occasional crackle of a stray rocket or bomb, and your colourful diyas now protectively hold tiny pools of melted wax and ash. Your rangolis are still radiant,albeit slightly dishevelled. As you walk on the streets this morning, you catch sight of the night’s celebrations all around, and you probably see or hear yourself and your loved ones laughing, in that very spot that someone cracked a joke. Friends and extended family have now gone back home, making promises to meet again soon. The sweets and savouries have now been stored away,and will be served at tea-time, as mementoes of diwali. The clothes and jewellery that you chose with great care, that made their grand appearance yesterday, have been put away for the next big occasion. As all the festivities slowly recede into the distance, I ask you for a promise. That in your heart, you will let the lights remain. That in spirit, and in being, your celebrations will continue. That you will attempt to meet your loved ones a little more often. And that the laughter that came in abundance over this festival will make an appearance everyday.

Here’s wishing you all once again a happy festive spirit, all year round. Lots of love and laughter.

I am Diwali, taking your leave now… almost packed up & going to say you good bye but keep your sparkle inside⚡⭐☀till I come back in 2016.
Till then Keep glow of face, heart & spirits high.

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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