” Travelling ” Whenever I heard this word, I feel pretty excited, honestly, I love travelling, it’s something I can do anytime, well, of course after writing. And especially when you have a company with you then it becomes much more interesting.
Well, but I was travelling alone this time.
Well, the journey began, it was 5:30 pm when I boarded the train.
Thank God I got lower birth this time after so long… So I got the charger point.
Obviously when you are travelling alone, you need some entertainment to entertain yourself and that is why I needed the charger point so I that I can enjoy my time….

Well, I got into train, one of my friend came to drop me, such a great friend. Train started and finally I was all set to start my journey.

I love the most when I see beautiful trees, shrubs, beautiful houses, different kind of people on the station…. Some of them are waiting for there train, some of them are waiting for there relatives, some of them came to drop there fellows.
Overall it’s a beautiful experience to see the these different kind of expressions.

The most beautiful thing is the beauty of the nature.
Trees, mountains, sunrise or Sunset. This is all give me goosebumps sometimes. It is so beautiful and so remarkable that you never get enough.

I still remember the time I used to go Bananas with my mother when I was really young to visit my grany (mom’s mom) it’s my favorite place. I miss it badly.

Anyway, about my journey well more thing which I really like is try different types of food… Well I know it sounds clumsy as it’s not hygienic but somehow I am able to manage it…… My stomach really supports me. Lol 😁

I love well not love actually, (but only when I am in the train) tea, soup, samosa…. It’s awesome to try some of the disgusting taste but still you like it as you don’t have any other option.

Time passes by and I’m trying to enjoy every minute of it… I love to talk to people around me, even I want to but now a days in 2nd AC people are more into themselves, I personally don’t like it, I like to talk to people, I like to.
Well also I love taking pictures, I love photography… I have taken these two…


I loved the color of the tree and sky, it was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop my self to take pictures… One more…


I can write and take pictures all day long… It’s my passion…..
Well journey was so far so good…. I am off to bed….

It’s a beautiful morning… Beautiful orange colour sun ☀ looks incredibly awesome. I ordered one bread omelet for my breakfast 🍳… During lunch time I’ll be at home… So can’t miss homemade food by eating too much in the train 🚉.

Overall it was a good journey… Have enjoyed…. Will be soon with some nice and different experience of my life…. Thank you for reading 📖.

Shilpa Sharad’s Blog


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