Human Behaviour 

  1. Behaviour is a state of mind. It can be good it can be bad as well, it depends on your emotions. If you love someone a lot definitely your behaviour will be very vulnerable towards them and if you hate someone then definitely your behaviour will be very hateful towards them. But my point is whatever emotions you have in your heart, you have to take it out because excessive of anything is very bad and dangerous. It can destroy you from inside and can change you forever and make you completely another person. Sometimes when I’m alone and depressed and feel lonely, I feel that there is something wrong with me and my thoughts because I have understood that if you hold your emotions for too long it just burst slowly and eventually… I was wondering about some psychopaths and cynics. Why do they do that? And why don’t they feel sorry about it? Is it because of there past lives or people around them make them do something like that or be like that? Well whatever it is it’s very dangerous for the people who do it and for people who suffered from it. I often think that what kinda feeling it must be for a psychopaths to hurt someone or to kill someone or to torture someone, might be very pleasant one but unusual and uncouth and different. Better we take out everything we have inside us and release the anger the confusions and our worries because it will cost us a lot…

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