Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.
Break the habit.
Talk about your joys.
And eventually you will understand that problem is not the problem itself but it's a lack of confidence and your lack of ability to solve that problem.
And it happens because we are sometimes not able to manage our own life or our own system properly that's why we go in a wrong direction.
Try to handle your life's steering properly and it will go the way you want. Its you who have to handle that,
Because nobody else can do that for you…
Be your own boss.
Your own Role model.
Keep smiling and spread the cheer 😀
Shilpa Sharad
Freelance writer and blogger


2 thoughts on “BE YOUR OWN BOSS

  1. Agree Shilpaaa
    Actually, its is aptly said that “Problem is never a Problem, its your Reaction to the problem is Problem”
    Btw I have made an emoticon for You. Its like this .:) The first dot is your Bindi 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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